At TAS we encourage our students to take action as they prepare for their future endeavours beyond school life.

We assist students to build a career profile, explore career ideas, consider career options and begin to develop a career plan. Students are also introduced to a range of career ideas, university subject selection information, employment and career prospects.

In Year 10 students experience a structured course which is aimed at encouraging students in developing an interest in career exploration. We provide students with a stimulus for career ideas, coupled with the important process of understanding how to go about researching those ideas.

From understanding the roles and responsibilities of an ‘interesting’ occupation, to requisite education and training, employability skills, and job prospects upon leaving school or tertiary education. An important part of this process is assisting students with subject selection for senior years as they ultimately prepare for life beyond TAS.

Students are also guided and mentored through mock application processes including developing resumes and covering letters, as well as interview performance in real life situations.

Finally we offer assistance to students in the leaving process by supporting them in reaching their desired destinations as they take their next step whether that be locally, regionally or globally.

The  TAS Careers Co-ordinator is Mr Mark Taylor.  For current information about careers, please visit our Careers News Page.